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World Financial crisis ass! What happened to the Won? I had occasion to pay for a piece of software this evening. (Seems to be happening more and more with this Mac thing!) A rather expensive piece of software too as it turns out. Two or three weeks ago the Won to dollar ratio was nearly one to one, now USD$79.99 costs me KRW₩92000.

Bloody hell!

And the software? Parallels for Mac letting me run a copy of Windows XP on the Macbook that...doesn't crash when I try to do internet banking (and from which I can run the god awful Hangeul 2007 (한글2007) for work purposes.)

I had tried Virtual Box, free from Sun, and with which I was familiar with having run it under Ubuntu, but The Active X controls involved in checking my account balance brought it to a screaming halt before I could even log in. What Active X inspired useless pieces of shit software do I speak of?

A personal firewall (redundant being that my computer sits behind a software firewall, a physical router and a UTM box) a virus detection program from Ahn Labs (necessary as I'm running a sandboxed virtual machine) and anti-key logging software (Equally redundant as the only proper way to do key logging is on the hardware side and no one, other than me,  has entered my fortress of solitude for at least a month)

Why do I mention it? Well it seems that Kookmin Bank (국민은행) has hired Korea's "First Hacker" Kim Jae-youl to head up it's R&D programme. I would encourage you to write to Mr Kim telling him why you would move to Kookmin if he made Internet banking a bit easier. (Via The Marmot)

Well I would except I can't access the Kookmin English page on my Mac. I suppose I could fire up Parallels!

In an interesting aside, if you read the article, I would have thought 39 was almost at the point where one entered the upper levels of management. It also highlights a point that a friend made recently: Here in Korea one's experience really counts for Sweet FA compared to what you've got in terms of qualifications. I would put to you that anyone who has a) the balls and b) the nouce to try and withdraw a bajillion dollars from a bank while faking Blue House credentials is more valuable than your average business graduate - especially graduates from the likes of certain universities that should not be named. (But start with the letters S, K and Y respectively).

Also, Grey turtle knecks and maroon jackets are definately in this fall. ( the article).

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Reader Comments (2)

if you're willing to switch banks, 외한은행 offers internet banking for macs. and, why don't you try bootcamp (which is free)?

September 29, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterdaniel

Daniel: Parallels does the job, thank god, not so good on other sites though...!

September 29, 2008 | Registered CommenterStafford

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