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Why I Still Hate The Korean Internet

Well actually it might be a bit of sweet irony like the last post. It seems Google is copping it in the neck here in Korea for "exposing" resident ID numbers in it's searches.

However, what it underlines is not that Google is Satan, rather that Koreans have a fundamental lack of understanding as to how Google (and lets face it, by extension The Internet) works. 

From the Chosun Bimbo Ilbo

According to a survey of Google search results on residence numbers by the Korea Information Security Agency, the personal IDs of 164536 individuals were exposed during the first half of the year.


But that's not Google's fault. Being that it indexes everything that goes into the tubes (and clearly outlines what and how it goes about things. Haha - Pigeons!) responsibility for "exposing" important personal information rests not on The Google, but on those who chuck up an unprotected Excel spreadsheet onto an open server somewhere on the net. Such people apparently include a Busan elementary school and a doctor amongst others.


But here's the kicker that had me laughing like a monkey for at least 10 minutes: 

But a bigger problem is that it is not easy for individual victims of identity exposure even to ask Google to delete their ID numbers. But a bigger problem is that it is not easy for individual victims of identity exposure even to ask Google to delete their ID numbers. Such a request made online requires Google Membership...

Aaaaaahahahahahaha! After all signing up for Google is such a chore. At least it doesn't need a bloody National ID number! Tried joining Naver lately??!!

...and the entire process takes a week. Over that period the damage could spread. One Korea citizen said Google Korea does not even operate a customer service centre [sic], making it difficult to report one's own ID being exposed in cyberspace.

Is that the Waaaambulance I hear? Frankly If I found someone's ID on Google I'd use it join Naver, join Auction and order movie tickets. And the entire process takes a week! I have been in a despute with GMarket over an undelivered item for about two months - and do they have a customer service centre? Hell no, you have to email them or send them a fax.

A Fax! Who uses a Fax these days?

Anyway I thought I'd just mention that. I had meant to do it yesterday, but got a wee bit sidetracked. It seems Gomushin Girl beat me to it. (Man she's a busy woman!)

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