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The "Roi"?

Thar she blows! Motorola's Android entry to the Korean Market. To be released on SK Telecom next month for an undisclosed price. (Although here's hoping it's cheap considering the free-ness of the operating system involved). (Speaking of which here's hoping that it is infinitely hackable and not locked down!)

From Engadget:

That Korean-language version of the XT701 we saw recently is starting to make more sense now that we know exactly what was up Moto's sleeve: meet MOTOROI. The company's very first Android-powered phone for South Korea takes most (but not all) of its cues from its China Unicom-branded doppelganger, featuring a 3.7-inch WVGA display, 8 megapixel camera with 720p video capture, HDMI-out, and -- like most phones sold in and around Seoul -- support for T-DMB television tuning. Like the Droid, it's available with a home charging dock that'll turn it into a handy alarm clock; unlike the Droid, though, the MOTOROI features multitouch browsing out of the box similar to the Milestone in Europe. The oddly-named phone (is "ROI" acceptable for short?) launches early next month on SK Telecom.

Moto's Press release (in English) here.

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